March 15 - Pineville Fire Department conducted a Mayday class that incorporated classroom education and practical scenarios. The class was designed to train firefighters to call a Mayday at the first sign of trouble. After the classroom portion firefighters drilled with realistic props that simulated being trapped by ceiling collapses, floor collapses and entanglements. The firefighters had to follow a charged hose line and be aware of distance traveled and direction traveled based on couplings encountered.

The second part of class was designed for emergency egress in the form of self-rescue and Rapid Intervention Teams. During the self-rescue portion all firefighters used a window prop and the bail out bags that are on every air pack. The firefighters created an anchor point and used their bodies as friction devises to lower themselves from the window. The Rapid Intervention Teams were groups of 4 and 5 firefighters and they used the RIT bag to assist in a rescue scenario of a down firefighter whose emergency was being low or out of air. Each team had blacked out masks and had to do a search following a charged hose line to find the firefighter.

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