December 15 - Pineville Fire Department along with Carolina Fire Department held a live burn training exercise. The training started in the evening hours of Monday 12/15/2008. This was a great opportunity for both departments due to the increased number of new members. The exercise lasted throughout the night with a lot of runs being made the house. Thank you to the people of the community that came out to watch and understand why we do this kind of training. We greatly appreciate your support.


November 14 - Congratulations goes out to Karen Sherard for the birth of her daughter Ava McKenzie. She was born at 09:07 at CMC-Pineville weighing in at 6 lb. 12 oz. and 19 inches long. Both mother and daughter are doing well.

November 8 - On Saturday The Pineville Fire Dept. held their annual Open House. We opened our doors and displayed our equipment for all to see. Even though the turn out was lower then normal, the kids and parent that came were very intrigued with what they had seen. That afternoon we brought out our rescue equipment and demonstrated the extrication of victims from a mangled car and an overturned vehicle.     Photos

October 25 - Pineville Fire Department and its members help the 2nd annual fishing tournament at Pineville Park. Children of all ages participated in attempting to catch the most fish, the biggest fish, and awards for the youngest fisher. The winner was a young girl of 10 yrs old catching a 27 inch catfish. The next biggest fish was 15 inch bass. The link below will take you to the pictures of the event. This is event is held in the memory of Dink Griffin, a lifetime member of the Pineville Fire Department.


August 16 - During the early morning hours Pineville Fire and EMS along with MEDIC were alerted to an overturned vehicle with possible entrapment on the inner loop of I-485 in the area of the Park Rd. bridge. Units arrived on scene to find a Land Rover that had lost control and rolled over through the median. Both patients were out of the vehicle on arrival of Pineville and MEDIC. The patients were immobilized and placed in the ambulance for transport to the hospital.

August 10 - Pineville Fire Department was alerted to a dumpster fire at Outback Steak House just after midnight. Just after being dispatched Carolina Fire Department was added to the assignment and upgrade to a structure fire with persons inside the restaurant. Carolina Engine 3 along with Pineville Engine 2 and Chief Griffin arrived at the same time to find a fully involved dumpster extending into the roof area of the building. Chief Griffin assumed command with Pineville 2 as suppression and Carolina 3 to assist and water supply. Crews extended a 1 3/4" line to attack the fire on the exterior as A.C. T. Jennings and A.C. J. Brod force entry into the building to find heavy smoke conditions but no extension of fire into the building. Control time was given and overhaul operations began. All units cleared the scene just before 3 am with the County Fire Marshall investigating.

July 29 - Pineville Fire Department and EMS responded to Dormon Rd for a MVC with possible overturned vehicle. Units arrived on scene to find a Ford F-150 on its roof just inside the South Carolina Line. Units fro Pleasant Valley Fire Department and Lancaster EMS responded to handle the incident. Pineville units cleared after being released by Pleasant Valley Fire Department.     Photos

July 24 - Pineville and Carolina Fire Departments were alerted to a possible apartment fire in Willow Ridge Apartments. Pineville Engine 3 arrived on scene within 10 minutes of being dispatched to find light smoke conditions coming from the second story balcony. Engine 3's crew investigated the situation and found a small area of the wall had been burned out. Control time and given and units from Pineville remained on scene for the Fire Marshall and to overhaul the area.     Photos

July 22 - The on duty staff took time to teach the staff from the Habersham Apts how to use a Fire Extinguisher.     Photos

July 22 - Early morning hours Pineville Fire Department were alerted to a vehicle fire on Downs Rd.
Pineville PD arrived on scene to find an abandoned car fully involved. Pineville Engine 3 arrived on scene shortly afterwards and crews extinguished the fire.     Photos

July 5 - Pineville Fire Department was alerted to a Vehicle fire at CMC-Pineville. Captain Mike Tobin was enroute for apparatus advised all unit responding that there was a large column of smoke from the area. Engine 2 arrived on scene to find 2 vehicles on fire and the grass and mulch around the vehicles spreading the fire. Engine 2's crew pulled the jump line and began to attack the raging fire. Engine 3 arrived on scene and assisted crews with extinguishing the fire and overhauling both vehicles. The fire was placed under control with no injuries or other incidents.     Photos

July 4 - Pineville Fire along with Carolina Fire was dispatched to a mobile home fire just before 11:30pm on July 4th in Carolina Fire's First-Due Area. Pineville 17 (Captain Tobin) was first to arrive on-scene and advised a vacant mobile home with fire showing and Captain Tobin was establishing Egglestone Road Command. Shortly thereafter, Carolina 10 (Assistant Chief Passons) arrived and assumed command.

Pineville Engine 2 was the first company to arrive on-scene and caught their own hydrant and laid approximately 600 feet of 5" supply line. The crew of Engine 2 pulled an 1 3/4 attack line to the fire and began interior suppression efforts, this was accomplished by Captain Cox and Captain Strong. During this time Pineville Chief Griffin assisted the interior crew with suppression efforts and Captain Tobin assumed the role of "OVM" (Outside Vent Man) and opened up all windows to the trailer which provided a great amount of visibility and relief to the interior crew.

The fire was quickly brought under control with 2 rooms receiving extensive fire damage and the remainder of the trailer receiving smoke damage. The trailer which was unoccupied and had no utility services was determined to be a total lost. The Mecklenburg County Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the fire. Pineville Fire cleared the scene shortly after 2:00am on July 5th.

Units Responded:
Pineville Fire - Engine 2, Engine 3 and Squad 8
Carolina Fire - Engine 3 and Ladder 1
June 12 - Pineville Fire and EMS picked up a call for a traffic accident with possible entrapment at Blue Heron Dr. and Pineville Mathews Rd. Pineville 12 arrived on scene to find a multiple vehicle accident with one patient unconscious in his vehicle. After providing initial patient contact and care, CFD Ladder 24 and Engine 24 arrived on scene to assist with patient care and entry into the vehicle. Ladder 24 removed the drivers side front door to access the patient for removal from the vehicle. Pt was transported to CMC-Pineville for stabilization and then flown to CMC by Med-Center Air.


June 9 - Pineville and Carolina Fire Departments were alerted to a possible gas inside the Bank of America on Carolina Place Parkway. Pineville Engine 3 arrived on scene to find a 2 inch high pressure line had been cut when crew were trying to place a irrigation line. Crews from Engine 3 and Carolina Ladder 1 began to investigate and monitor the area waiting for Piedmont Natural Gas to arrive on scene. Charlotte Haz-Mat team from Station 32 were called in to assist due to the unknown arrival time of crews from PNG. PNG crews arrived at the same time as Haz-Mat 3 and began to dig out and clamp the leak. The incident was placed under control with no complicating factors and no injuries.
April 20 - Congratulations goes out to Leanne and Brian Woodard for the birth of their third son Robert Emerson. Emerson was born around 10:45 am Sunday morning at CMC Pineville. He weighed in at 7lbs. and 8 oz. Both baby and mother are doing well and will be expected home soon.
March 16 - Pineville Fire Department was alerted to a Tractor-Trailer fire on I-485 in the area of Hwy. 51. Pineville Engine 2 and 3 responded to find a tractor-trailer with the rear brakes on fire. The trailer contained a racecar, a utility vehicle, a lot of mechanical supplies. The fire had extended into the trailer causing alot of heat and smoke damage to the equipment. After placing the fire under control, Pineville assisted Dellinger Wrecker Service with salvaging, overhauling and removing some of the equipment form the trailer for transport and storage. The Driver was transported to the hospital for evaluation due to minor burns and smoke inhalation. All units cleared the scene around 00:30 hrs.     Photos
March 15 Pineville Fire Department conducted a Mayday class that incorporated classroom education and practical scenarios. The class was designed to train firefighters to call a Mayday at the first sign of trouble. After the classroom portion firefighters drilled with realistic props that simulated being trapped by ceiling collapses, floor collapses and entanglements. The firefighters had to follow a charged hose line and be aware of distance traveled and direction traveled based on couplings encountered.     Photos
March 11 - Pineville Fire Department was dispatched to a car fire on Pineville Matthews Rd. under I-485. Pineville Police were on scene advising heavy fire coming from engine compartment. Pineville E3 and R12 arrived and began fire attack on the engine compartment of a late model minivan. E3 crews made a successful knock down of the fire with no injuries to civilians or firefighters. The fire was contained to the engine compartment area with heat and smoke damage being done to the passenger compartment. The cause of the fire is believed to be electrical.


March 3 - Pineville Fire Department were alerted to a possible Tractor-Trailer fire on the inner loop of I-485 at Hwy 51. Engine 3 arrived on scene to find a detached trailer with the brakes on fire. Crews pulled and 1 3/4" hose and quickly extinguished the fire. The fire was placed under control at 0914 hrs.     Photos
January 18 - Around 22:40 hrs. Pineville Fire and EMS were alerted to a MVA with entrapment on Cadillac St. off South Blvd. Pineville Squad 8 and Engine 3 responded along with Medic to find a single vehicle accident with one person trapped in the drivers seat. Crews quickly began the extensive extrication process after finding a steel gate that tore through the drivers compartment. While crews were peeling away parts of the SUV from the patient a second crew was trying to release the tension of the gate which consisted of two steel wires running through it. The patient was finally extricated after about 45 minutes of carefully removing the roof, windshield, and drivers side front and back doors. The pt was immobilized and loaded for transport to CMC. Crews finally cleared that scene around 00:30 hrs.

Units on scene:
Pineville Engine 3, Squad 8, EMS 12, Truck 13 with approximately 20 members.
Medic, Medic Supervisor.
Pineville P.D.


January 13 - Around 0100 hrs. Pineville Fire Department was alert to assist Charlotte Fire Department on the scene of a vehicle accident with entrapment. Pineville Squad 8 responded with 5 personnel and were given an assignment of stabilizing both vehicles. After stabilizing both vehicles, CFD units continued with extrication operations to free one patient with their leg trapped. The patient was freed and removed from the vehicle, immobilized and placed in the care of Med-Center Air and flown to CMC. All Pineville units cleared a little before 02:30 hrs. In all 7 personnel responded to the scene with Squad 8 and Car 4.     Photos
January 1, 2008 - Pineville Fire Department started off the New Year with a fairly busy day. From multiple medical calls to a brush fire, a vehicle fire, and a possible structure fire at Carolina Place Mall which ended up being a small fire in a dumpster.

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