How do I become a member?

To become a member you must complete the application and return it with a signed copy of the Drug Testing Policy and Medical Release Form, a copy of your Driverís License, and 3 references. You must attend 3 consecutive monthly business meetings. After these requirements have been met then the membership votes for approval of a new member.

What are you requirements to become a member?
You must be a minimum of 18 years of age and live within our response range of 4.0 miles from our station.

How do I stay a member?
To stay as member you must remain in good standing by maintaining a minimum of 36 hours of training annually. Members get training hours by attending monthly business meetings and training throughout the year.

When are the monthly business meetings?
Monthly business meetings are held every month on the 1st Monday after the 1st Tuesday. Meetings begin at 7PM.

How do I respond to calls?
All county fire departments are dispatched the same way. A call comes through 911 and the fire department in that area responds. The fire department is toned out and pagers activate. When our pagers activate we go to the station and take the appropriate apparatus and personnel to the call.

What if I live close to where the emergency is?
Because we all live in different areas it is often that it is closer and easier to go directly to the emergency rather than going directly to the station. This is acceptable only if you do not have to pass the station while going to the emergency. If you have to drive by the station to go the emergency then you need to go to the station first and join crews there for further response to that or other emergencies.

How do I get pagers?
Members are issued pagers and chargers for Fire response (and EMS, if they are an NC EMT). These are voice pagers with repeaters to replay the call if necessary. We also respond by digital pagers. All pagers are issued by the chief.

Who do I report to if I go POV to the call?
When you drive your own vehicle (POV) to the call you park away from the scene and out of the way from other responding vehicles. You report to the apparatus being used for the emergency and from there you are placed in a labor pool and attached to groups for work when needed. Make sure you have all PPE necessary for the call.

How fast do I drive responding to emergency calls?
We want you and all others on the road to remain safe so we ask that you drive the speed limit and follow are laws of the road. Do not drive erratic and do not drive on the opposite side of the road. Furthermore, responding to calls does not get you out of any traffic violations you may receive from police.

Can I run traffic lights or stop signs while responding to emergency calls?
No. For your safety (and liability) and everyone elseís, absolutely not!

Can I use a dash light when responding to emergencies?
You may use a dash light or any other emergency warning lights, but we still follow all laws of the road. NC law states that vehicles are not required to yield the right of way to emergency warning lights. Emergency warning lights and dash lights are mere suggestions asking others on the road to show courtesy and yield the right of way.

If I have had any alcohol can I still respond to calls?
No. For your safety (and liability) and everyone elseís, absolutely not!

Do I get paid to respond to calls?
In the past, the Town of Pineville offers the Pineville Fire Department an annual gratuity to be divided up by the members. This gratuity is based on the number of responses each member goes to. The more you do, the more you receive.

How do I get gear and uniforms?
In this packet you will find a Turnout Gear Sign out Form and a Uniform Request form. These need to be completed by appropriate personnel to get either.

Do I have to be a certified Fire Fighter to become a volunteer?
No you do not. We offer training in-house and opportunities to gain training out-of-house. We encourage self improvement and advancement. NC offers a volunteer class that is very beneficial called 1403. If you are interested in any kind of training see Chief Griffin to get further information and details on upcoming classes.

Do I have to be an EMT?
No you do not. If you would like to become an NC EMT see Chief Griffin for further information and details.

Do we do community service projects?
Yes we do. The community is the reason we are needed. We are very involved with community services of many kinds. We post upcoming events on the board at the station and encourage all to attend. As incentive, training hours are given to those who do attend.

Who takes care of everything at the station?
From the trash cans to the fire engines, we do it all. All of the members take part in the clean up of everything used around the station. It is very important to have trucks clean and working in proper order. Our station is like our home and we want that to stay clean too.

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