Chief - #9
Mike Gerin

Assistant Chief - #10
Jason Klemowicz
Assistant Chief - #11
Michael Filliben
Assistant Chief - #14
Jeff Long
Captain - #15
Tony Jennings
Captain - #16
Brian Benson
Captain - #17
Cody Davis
 Captain - #18                              Captain - #19
Blake Howell                            Omar Kasso
Lieutenant #20
Bill Griffin
Lieutenant #21
Matthew Honaker
Lieutenant #22
Scott Robinson

Lieutenant - #23                     Lieutenant - #24
Jeff Race                             Brent Strong

Jeff Race
Vice President
Tony Jennings
Scott Robinson
Brian McGinley
Board Member
Steve Wilkerson
Board Member
Cody Davis
Board Member
Brent Strong
Badge Name Certifications

Ashley, Harold (Pete)

Life Member
36 Benson, Brandi FF/EMT  
85 Benson, Brian FF/EMT SRT
50 Blanton, Matt FF/EMT  
21 Boatwright, Don Life Member
56 Boatwright, Kevin Life Member
26 Boatwright, Libby Life Member
22 Boris, Andy FF/EMT  
40 Broadhurst IV, Walter FF/EMT
24 Cox, Mike FF/EMT SRT
86 Davis, Cody FF/EMT  
67 Draper, Steve FF/EMT SRT
71 Fellers, Tommy FF  
38 Filliben, Michael FF/EMT SRT
62 Foster, Bob FF  
49 Gerin, Mike FF/EMT  
37 Griffin, Dink Life Member
64 Griffin, Mary Life Member
76 Griffin, Bill FF/EMT SRT
78 Hill, Jonny FF/EMT  
20 Honaker, Frank FF  
39 Honaker, Matt FF/EMT SRT
59 Howell, Blake FF/EMT  
40 Iyoob, Christy FF/EMT  
83 Jennings, Ron FF/EMT  
03 Jennings, Tony FF/EMT  
77 Johnson, Bob FF/EMT  
63 Johnson, Zac FF  
47 Kasso, Omar FF/EMT  
98 Kinney, Gene FF/EMT  
31 Klemowicz, Jason FF/EMT  
52 Knowles, John W. Life Member
44 Knowles, Walt FF Life Member
84 Long, Jeffrey FF/EMT  
  Marze, Lester (Podge) Life Member
61 McGinley, Brian FF SRT
25 Miller, Jim FF/EMT Life Member
57 Poteat, Tommy Life Member
34 Race, Jeff FF/EMT  
88 Robinson, Scott FF/EMT SRT
80 Robles, Daniel FF/EMT  
  Satterfield, Johnny Mac Life Member
81 Scott, Guerry FF/EMT  
73 Sheltra, Richard FF/EMT  
04 Strong, Brent FF SRT
58 Teague, Coley FF/EMT  
33 Teague, Nathan FF  
28 Urbina, Leyser FF  
70 Wilkerson, Steve FF/EMT  
30 Wood, Adam FF/EMT SRT

Probationary Firefighters


Jr Firefighters


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